Comic Rewind: Rachel Rising Vol. 1

Waking up in a shallow dirt grave is just the start of the story in Rachel Rising Vol. 1.

Rachel wakes up in complete darkness and gasps for air, but all she can inhale is dirt.  She claws and struggles for an exit until she sees light.  Another woman looks on as she escapes.  As she hitchhikes back home she is relying more on instinct than clear thought.  Once she is home she sleeps for three days.

When she wakes up she tries to piece together what happened to her and why her eyes are completely black and why she has rope burns on her neck.  The reader learns Rachel is not dead, but also not quite alive.

The other woman who watched Rachel escape her shallow grave is watching Rachel as she talks to friends and family about her mysterious night.  However, this other woman also pays a visit to two other people and convinces them to commit murder.

Rachel Rising Vol. 1 was written and drawn by Terry Moore.  Abstract Studio published the volume in 2012.

I really liked Terry Moore’s Strangers In Paradise and this is a horror comic and I’m still in a horror mood.  This seemed like the perfect comic for me to read.  I liked this volume, but it is really slow.  I see potential in the story, but wow is it slow.

There is no explanation what is going on.  I don’t know why Rachel came back alive, what happened to her, who this other woman is or the answer to some other questions.  The volume just adds more questions without any answers.

I will read the next volume just because I want some answers gosh darn it!  The ending of the volume sped up a bit which leads me to believe the next volume will be faster paced.  

For those of you who have been reading my reviews you know I like my volumes to end with some kind of closure and not with a cliff-hanger or even worse right in the middle of a story.  Unfortunately this volume ends mid-story.

The art is in black and white which I don’t love.  However, Moore is such a good artist and is so good at drawing women I don’t really care.

I liked this comic, but did not love it.  However, I will be reading the next volume so that is a success.  All it needs is to have me be interested enough to read the next volume I will have read the whole series eventually.

This is not a bad read for Strangers In Paradise fans, but just keep in mind it lacks the something special that series had.


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