60,000 Fans Petition For Snyder JUSTICE LEAGUE Cut

Justice League opened to a quiet $96 million this weekend disappointing at the box office and with reviewers alike.

It’s become known that the theatrical release of Justice League isn’t in line with Zack Snyder’s vision, and now fans are petitioning Warner Bros. for the home release of Zack Snyder’s reported 3-hour cut in addition to it coupled with Junkie XL’s original music score.

Over 61,000 fans have now signed the petition at Change.org which says in part, “We the undersigned make this petition, because during the last few months, the film Justice League underwent a few changes in terms of composer and runtime…”

Joss Whedon appears to have made quite a number of changes to Justice League including being mandated to trim the movie to under 2 hours in length which obviously means lot of footage had to be cut. It seems Whedon retooled the beginning of Justice League to feature Batman, greatly cut the flashback Darkseid War scene, reshot all the Henry Cavill Superman scenes and added a lot of little jokes here and there.

It’s pretty much a given that Zack Snyder’s Justice League was similar in tone to Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, but not quite as dark. It was probably a lot more epic than the theatrical version’s release, but lightened up to differentiate it from those that weren’t happy with BVS.

So similar to Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman, let’s hope that WB listens to its fans and offers a home version release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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