5 Reasons Why We Needed MARVEL’S INHUMANS


3.  We Won’t Have to Deal with Any Awkwardness of Feige Writing Them Out of the MCU

In case you don’t remember, The Inhumans was part of the phase 3 slate when it was first announced all the way back in 2014. The film was supposed to end the phase after Infinity War, Part 2. However, this took place before Marvel acquired Spider-Man, and before they saw just how successful Ant-Man became. Thus Ant-Man received a greenlight for a phase 3 sequel and Spider-Man had to be slotted in somewhere. Bye Bye Inhumans. There have been murmurs that Kevin Feige never wanted to include The Inhumans in the MCU, and in order to appease one of the Marvel execs he passed the property over to Marvel television. One clue that could support the murmur is that the Inhumans doesn’t tie much into the MCU, but moreso ties itself to Marvel’s Agents of Shield. The only easter egg that we get, if you could call it that, is the fact that the Kree who appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy created the inhumans. But, that’s pretty much it. Roel Reine who directed the first two episodes of the series had this to say;

“Oh yes, and I’m fighting on a daily basis with Marvel about it. Because I love Easter eggs. I’m a big Easter egg guy”

Why the pushback from Marvel when this property was once announced as part of the Phase 3 project?  After all is said and done this was a good call, because it played like a stand alone series and won’t leave any long term plot holes.

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