5 Reasons Why We Needed MARVEL’S INHUMANS


2. Scott Buck Will Probably Be Out of a Job for Awhile

And when I say “nearly” I think of Marvel’s Iron Fist which premiered earlier this year to less than stellar reactions from both critics and fans alike. Personally, I don’t think the show was that bad, and I have for sure seen worse Marvel outings (cough, Thor: The Dark World, cough). However, it just doesn’t stack up to the dark and engaging stories that was Daredevil and Jessica Jones. This brings us to Scott Buck. Color me surprised that Marvel tapped him for  Inhumans after the fail that was Iron Fist. This may be just a simple as Scott Buck being a company man. One who can do the job within the allotted budget without much of a voice. Don’t forget that this is the man that basically torpedoed Dexter’s ending. With him out of the job for Iron Fist season 2 and a chance that Inhumans won’t even get a season 2 we probably won’t see Scott Buck showrunning for a bit.

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