Fans watching WWE Raw on Monday might have noticed something a little off about Matt Hardy after he lost to Bray Wyatt in a match. As the crowd chanted his name, Hardy seemed compelled to shout a familiar catchphrase: DELETE!

WWE is reportedly creating a new character for Matt Hardy based on his “Broken” gimmick. Sports Illustrated reports that the new character will have a very similar persona to the Impact character, but feature a new name.

The news comes on the same day as Impact issued a statement revealing they would not be contesting Hardy’s trademark claim on the character. SI reports that there have been no new negotiations between Hardy and Ed Nordholm, nor any talks about revenue sharing any profits as per Impact’s statement, their new talent contracts “allow talent to continue to use their IMPACT persona after they leave the company.”

And in a series of tweets today, Matt almost certainly revealed he’s finally coming


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