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Kyle Higgins run on Boom Studios Power Rangers has been a hit with fans and has introduced us to one of the best Power Rangers villains in recent time, Lord Drakkon. Lord Drakkon is Tommy from a different dimension that stayed with Rita Repulsa after “The Green With Evil” story arc, which introduced Tommy as the evil Green Ranger.

Higgins creation of Lord Drakkon has also given the actor to play the iconic Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver, Jason David Frank, another Ranger to portray. Frank is thankful for the character and seems to be a fan of the comic series. Frank would also love to see this Ranger make an appearance in a web-series, focused on the villainous character. THS had a chance to catch up with Jason David Frank at New York Comic-Con and here’s what he had to say on the matter.

THS: Another thing I had to ask you, Lord Drakkon is taking over the Power Rangers Boom Studios comic book series and I am hearing that he’s actually going to be coming back in another story arc. How do you feel about Lord Drakon just in general and would you ever wanna play that character on the Power Rangers show?


JDF: Oh, of course! I think that’s a whole different universe. There’s a lot of different things Power Rangers can be doing. Just like there’s a lot of different things Valliant can be doing. There’s a lot of different…  TV, you got movies, you got digital, you got webseries. I think Lord Drakkon would be cool in his own little web series. His own little platform in that dimension. I’m  just happy, because Lord Drakkon was me, so it’s  like just another character under my belt and people are cosplaying it. And I like Kyle (Higgins).

Power Rangers has been expanding their universe as of late. First, with the Boom Studios comic and then with the live-action feature film Power Rangers, which came out earlier this year. Also, let us not forget Power Ranger Hyper Force, an interactive Power Rangers story, which is not only Saban approved, but seems to tie into Power Rangers canon. A Power Rangers web-series focused on Drakkon would not be a terrible idea to expand the franchise and possibly hit some of the hardcore neglected fanbase. Personally, we at That Hashtag Show would love to see it, especially with Frank involved and Higgins writing it. Here’s to holding out hope for a Lord Drakkon web-series. Would you guys like to see a Lord Drakkon web-series? Leave a message in the comments below. Mike Singletary Womens Jersey