The longest going comic from Image will be hitting the big screen once again due to Blumhouse Productions. It seems Todd MacFarlane has wanted this for some time now but what does this mean for the comics? Image Comics’ Spawn has had a revolving door or artist and writing. Greg Capullo (artist in The New 52 Batman) found his footing with Spawn by giving him a lengthy cape and insane details. But one thing you don’t hear about is how some of these teams part ways with Spawn. Well, Comics After Dark Podcast finds out when interviewing DC Comics’ Artist Jonboy Meyers.
If you’ve heard Comics After Dark Podcast, you’ll hear how critical Matthew “MTR” Bogarin is. Just to hear Tiffani Jaramillo and Mike Padilla make fun of MTR’s opinion over at RATTHAUS.NET, where the podcast is hosted. But, there was a time when they all agreed that the Story from Paul Jenkins and Jonboy Meyers for Spawn seemed to be heading in the right direction. Spawn weld the God Sword, brought to Spawn by the big guy himself (which God image was based on Jenkin’s Dog) to being order to Earth. You would have found out there are Spawns of Heaven and Hell so Al Simmons came back to bring order and would have ended in an epic showdown between God (Jenkin’s Dog) and the devil (who would have been portraited as a cat. Proof of this story is in these YouTube video from Long Beach Comic Con in February of 2016.

You may be asking yourself, what happened? Why was this story arc scrapped, especially right after the return Al Simmons for issue 250. The truth remains a mystery. Both parties have stated they parted ways due to creative differences. If you bothered to continue to read after, Eric Larsen teams up with MacFarlane himself to end the story arc in an uneventful fight between Satan and God. Will we hear of this in the movies to come? After All, MacFarlane has said that Spawn will be more of an “Angel of Death” rather than a saver. Currently, The Comic is heading into another unique direction with the creative team of Jason Shawn Alexander and Darragh Savage (Both worked on Image Comics’ End Zone with Brian k Vaughn). Hopefully, this team survives through to the end of their story arc as well.
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