It seems there is no end to Boom Studios’ streak of Power Ranger comics and Comics After Dark Podcast couldn’t agree more. With the new ongoing Go Go Power Rangers, Dan More (artist of Boom Studios Klaus) bring you the classic characters of the original rangers but bring the story to the 21st century couldn’t feel more amazing. Making the stories are relatable by showing how hard it is to be a hero and a high schooler at the same time yet making sure to bring back definitive stories lines, what more could you ask for. Jumping on over to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, which is written by Kyle Higgins (Writer of DC’s New 52 Nightwing), Boom Studios has a playing field of bringing new characters with permission from Saban including a huge event brewing. Seems there is no stopping Power Rangers Fans and it’s all this Podcast seems to be talking about nowadays. Below is another episode within the last few months that features another Ranger comic:

Comics After Dark is an entertaining podcast that introduces you to the comic book world. Matt Bogarin, Tiffany Jaramillo, and Mike Padilla are the host for Comics After Dark. It is very refreshing to hear different points of views as they go over reviews of comic books, reviews of Marvel and DC TV shows and Movies. Over the past 5yrs, Comics After Dark has grown so much with its listeners. They have found a new love for the Power Rangers Comics and have interviewed some of the past Power Rangers from the 90’s tv show.  It fresh and juicy to see everyone talk and are passionate about the subjects they cover on the podcast. Since there new found comic book passion is Power Rangers, they had the opportunity to interview Jason David Frank, a fan favorite returning ranger. Here’s the interview below:

So if your a ranger fan, check out the Boom Studio Universe, You won’t be disappointed. Donnie Shell Jersey