Zachary Levi To Play SHAZAM

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the star of Chuck, Zachary Levi has been cast as the superhero alter-ego of Billy Batson, SHAZAM (Also known as Captain Marvel). Not too long ago we reported that John Cena and Joshua Sasse were in the running and more recently, Jake Mcdorman of Limitless had been rumored to be in the mix as well. Zachary Levi is an interesting choice, he doesn’t necessarily have the classic barrel-chested, square-jawed, super muscular look that the Comic Book iteration of the character has, but, with 4 months or so before shooting is set to begin, that should be enough time for Levi to pack on some muscle and get closer to the look we know from the comics. Acting-wise, I think he’s a great choice, we know he’s got a knack for comedy from his roles in Chuck, Thor, and Eva Longoria’s Telenovela. Now, DC just needs to find their Billy Batson. For that role, personally, I think the choice is super easy. Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and It. The kid is a great actor and he looks the part.

The storyline for the film has yet to be revealed and we’re still unclear about who the villain is going to be. Dwayne Johnson is already signed on as Shazam’s enemy, Black Adam, but recently we’ve been hearing that he’s no longer going to be the main antagonist in the film, instead, getting his own stand-alone movie later down the line. I’m not exactly sure who else would be a good villain for Shazam’s first outing. There are a few possibilities:

Oggar, a god who is a former pupil of the wizard Shazam

Ibac and Sabbac, Super Villains with powers derived from Demons who transform in the same manner as Billy Batson,

Or my choice, perfect for the current state of the world we’re living in Captain Nazi

. . . but I really doubt he’s on the table.

So, what do you guys think of this casting choice? Who do you think should be the villain of this film?

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