The Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Is Actually Good

Live action adaptations of popular animes have usually received poor reception, and it’s because they stray so far from the original manga. But the Tokyo Ghoul movie may have just broken that bad streak (AoT, take notes). Sure, if you are unfamiliar with both the original manga and anime then the movie might come across as “interesting” to you. But if you are a fan then you will be pleased to know that the movie is actually pretty true to the manga series and enjoyable to watch!

The movie is successful in capturing the original story as well as the emotion, which is what most other live adaptations miss. The characters come across the same way as they did in the original and it was fun seeing familiar scenes come to life almost exactly how you remember them from the manga or anime. And although the CGI sometimes come across as too obvious, the choreography around it was well done and helped make it feel real. There was really only one complaint I had with the movie and it had to do with the amount of gore. I am a big fan of how gorey the anime comes across and I feel like it was slightly toned down in the movie. But this type of change was probably made to suit a wider variety audience.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, go see the movie. It does the series justice. I would be very interested in seeing the next installments but this is only likely if the movie is a success, which I think is a possibility. In Japan, the movie ranked #5 it’s opening weekend which is very high for a live action adaptation. And it deserves that success, especially if that means this movie could set an example for future adaptations. The movie releases in select US theaters October 16-22 and you can find a theater near you through Funimation’s website here.

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