REVIEW: THOR: RAGNAROK is the Best Thor Yet!

Thor: Ragnarok brings out the best we’ve seen of Thor yet. Up until now it seems as though everything just happens to work out for the Norse God of Thunder because he’s a superhero with a magical hammer that only he can wield. But Ragnarok provides a compelling story with a worthy foe that might just get the best of him.

There are a few things that contribute to why this movie rises above the others. First of all, for a storyline so dark the comedy is still on point. The humor is light enough so that it doesn’t overshadow the dark parts of the film and that is key to preventing the film from becoming absurd. Another enjoyable factor is how much the third installment is able to immerse itself into the Marvel extended universe. Marvel was able to create something unique with their cinematic movies by including crossovers and references to the other films, but this was something that was very minimal if not absent in the previous two Thor films. In Ragnarok, we get a much wider look at how much Thor’s universe ties in with the other films. And finally, the theme behind the movie (color and music) was successfully cohesive throughout the film and leaves you feeling like you’re inside of a comic book. At a press conference for the film earlier this month, film director Taika Waititi commented on his choice of using such vibrant colors for the film saying that the movie “deserves to have all that color, and you know, all of those crazy,curvy designs” and he felt like it had to be “either all in, or nothing”.

In this film, we see a very different side of Thor as well as a lot more character development for the Hulk. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige describes this version of Thor to be “arguably more powerful than he’s ever been in any of the films” and goes on to explain how Hemsworth is able to expand his take on Thor to comedy in an amazing way and that Waititi gives the actors the confidence to explore that and to try things. Hemsworth describes how this new take on his character’s appearance and powers “allowed [him] to move differently, and forced [him] to move differently, and so that was a great thing”. He also comments on the different side we see of Hulk saying that this is his favorite version of him yet because they actually got to act together. He explains how they “just sort of improvised [their] way through it, and sort of invented this chemistry that [they] hadn’t explored before, and – sort of build this new version of the Hulk, which was a little bit more articulate and vocal than he had been prior”. Ruffalo and Hemsworth develop their character’s relationship and expand on the backstory that gives more room for the humor and fun.

Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters on November 3rd and don’t forget to stay till the very end because there are two post-credit scenes that you won’t want to miss.

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