The Inhumans Ken Leung On Karnak’s Abilities

At the Red Carpet premiere of Marvel’s The Inhumans, Ken Leung spoke about how he prepared for the role and that we’ll see additional manifestations of his power, different from what we saw in the premiere. His powers in the show also differ from his comic book counter-part. In the comics, Karnak was never actually exposed to terrigen and everything he’s capable of is due to training. In the show however, he has the ability to see “the fault in all things”.

*SPOILERS* for the first two episodes of The Inhumans follow:

In the first two episodes, we see two different manifestations of his power. In the first, while at dinner with the rest of the Royal Family, one of the servants is making eyes with him and he completely ruins any chance he had by explaining to her how he would only be able to deal with her for two days. The second manifestation we see is when Maximus is staging his takeover and Karnak uses his ability to see how best to defeat his attackers, it will be interesting to see what other ways he makes use of his ability.

Watch the interview here or check out the transcript below.

Kelly: So, we got our first glimpse of Karnak’s powers at San Diego Comic-Con, can we expect to see more sequences like this in the show.

Ken: Oh yeah, yes, the short answer is yes and also . . . different. You’re going to see different kind of manifestations of his power.

Kelly: And what went into the physical preparation for the role?

Ken: I went on a cleanse.

Kelly: And how was that?

Ken: It was great, I mean I was supposed to go on it for just a couple of weeks, I went on it for a couple of months I felt really, I felt good.

Kelly: So, what was part of the cleanse?

Ken: It was no sugar no carbs. You know I tried to stay in shape, for the show I learned a little bit of stick fighting. I had all these stunt guys who would help teach me different, you know I, it’s the first time I’ve ever really had fight scenes. So, it was it was new in so many ways you know? And that was really fun, it was like every you know you can. You can do what you do but then you’re also layering all these things that you’re learning for the first time. And that’s really thrilling, it keeps it kind of a growing, your acting in the role is a growing thing. Verses you know, Oh, I’m doing this and I’m going to you know, it’s a different, you know not to compare. It was a new process for me.

Kelly: How much did you know about your character before going into the Inhumans?

Ken: Almost nothing. I mean, I knew, I knew his power basically. I didn’t know how that was going to, I don’t know how that power lived in him and I didn’t know what it was going to do to his personality that all came out of playing. So almost nothing, I mean, I didn’t know about, I didn’t know this comic before.

Kelly: And what would you say are Karnak’s biggest weaknesses?

Ken: He relies on, he might rely on his power a little too much. Because he went through, now let me just say that in the comics. He doesn’t get his powers the way he gets it in the show. In the in our show, he gets it through Teregenesis at fifteen. Everyone goes through this sort of rite of passage when they’re in their teens. And I think that that gives him you know, one day you’re a teenager and the next day you’re different and . . . he, I think it made him skip some sort of teenage formative years and experiences. So he lacks that, he doesn’t have the sort of same broken, teenage, finding yourself, I don’t know how to make friends, he doesn’t have that because he went straight to, I can do . . . you know what I’m saying? So, at the same time he’s formidable, I think inside he’s unformed. Because he never got to really live through his teenage years later so. That’s a very interesting duality to kick around you know?

Kelly: And if you could give the show one hashtag describe it what would it be?

Ken: Hashtag family. Yeah

Kelly: Thank you so much

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