STAR WARS: Is VADER Hidden In The Last Jedi Poster??

Monday saw the release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and a poster that has fans scratching their heads.

The image is your usual Star Wars poster of different characters in different sizes, but this time with an evil looking Luke Skywalker.

However one fan reckons the arrangement of the poster reveals the shape of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, having drawn the outline on it.

It does vaguely look like the Sith Lord – if you squint apparently – but not everyone was quite so sure.

While some fans celebrated the apparent spot, others began to mock it for presumably seeing something that isn’t really there.

One Twitter user draw a random face over the poster, with a long nose over Rey’s lightsaber.

Meanwhile another crudely drew Jar Jar Binks’ face over the image to much hilarity.

Of course it is possible that the poster was designed to resemble Vader, but this is yet to be confirmed or denied by Disney and Lucasfilm.

Whether or not it does, Vader’s increased presence is rumored to appear in some way during Star Wars The Last Jedi.

An alleged leak claimed: “Like Darth Vader’s melted helmet in The Force Awakens, Vader’s chest panel will be one of the relics featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as it was developed at Pinewood Studios in the UK for this film.”

“[Also] Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were rotoscoped from The Empire Strikes Back to be placed in a new environment for a Force back vision.”

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