STAR WARS: The Reason Why Rey Overpowered Kylo So Easily On Star Killer Base

Some fans have been puzzled by the fact that Kylo (Adam Driver), a highly skilled user of the Force, was seemingly defeated by Rey (Daisy Ridley) despite her having had next to no training whatsoever.

But now the possibility stands: did he deliberately let his guard down?

Star Wars Theory explained: “We have to understand the parallels here we’ll see in Episode 8.

“This dual can be compared to Vader and Luke [in Empire Strikes Back]. Vader never fought Luke with his full power and anger. If he wanted to, he would have just chopped his head off instead of his hand. No, he was toying with him, trying to get him to join him.

“Same goes for Kylo, he was never fighting her full on.

“Rey used the Dark Side when she fought Kylo. When he mentioned the Dark Side, she was awakened within. We can even see it on her face.

“We can also see this as the light flashes on Rey’s face, back and forth between red and blue. She harnessed the Dark Side like Luke did in Return of the Jedi.

“That’s what Luke means when he says he’s seen that raw power once before [in the trailer]… he saw it in Rey.

“This is why Snoke wants her – her raw, untamed power is what he needs.”

As for Kylo? “Kylo was overwhelmed by her, his guard was down when she switched gears and hit him with attack after attack.”

Of course, this remains complete speculation – and we have a couple of months yet before we get answers.

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