STAR WARS: Snoke And Kylo Already Know Rey’s Identity

Star Wars fans think they still have to wait another two months to discover the true parentage of the girl from Jakku. Is she a Skywalker, Kenobi, Palpatine, Windu or virgin birth?

There are some cryptic clues in the latest Last Jedi trailer, but a canon Star wars novel has revealed that Kylo Ren and Snoke already know who she is.

The latest trailer seemingly shows Rey asking Kylo for help and him reaching out to her like he has been waiting to rebuild their connection.

Remember how Kylo seemed strangely familiar with her in The Force Awakens – this latest piece of evidence below explains everything.

Star Wars Youtube channel The Stupendous Wave lays out a clear theory that Kylo Ren and Rey have been linked to each other from the beginning.

In The Force Awakens novel Rey’s visions are more detailed and show her watching a terrified young boy (who it is assumed is ben Solo on a trip with his father) on Cloud City and then later Ben Solo killing a Jedi at Luke’s temple.

All her visions always seem to involve Kylo Ren.

Most powerful of all is the line from the Force Awakens novel which was cut from the movie. Perhaps because it gave too much away?

In the confrontation on Starkiller Base, Kylo tries to summon the Skywlaker lightsaber but it flies to Rey.

In the novel, Kylo says to himself: “It is you.”

This clearly means he knows who Rey is, but how much does he know?

This would seem to discount theories that they will repeat the Star Wars trope of long-lost siblings or twins.The Stupendous Wave says: “My theory is , just like Kylo received visions of Snoke from a young age, he also received visions of Rey on a desert planet. This would help explain whey Rey also receives visions of Kylo. Somehow the two of them are connected and seem to know each other through the Force…. Kylo is the focus of Rey’s entire Forceback vision.“Kylo is confident that he has seen her before.”
Snoke, it seems, has also been aware of Rey. In the novel it is clear that Kylo Ren has shared his knowledge of Rey with his master.

Although the line was cut from the movie, Snoke’s last words in the novel are: “it appears he may have been right about the girl.”

How much do they know? Do they know who her parents are?

Does this mean Luke Skywalker also already knows who Rey is, or, more precisely, what her importance is to the unfolding story?

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