STAR WARS Fan Theory: Rey Will Use The Force On Luke



Nearly a fortnight after the release of the Episode 8 trailer, every single little shot is still being dissected for clues on what exactly is to come in the upcoming movie.

Now, it is claimed that Rey and Luke will have a shocking physical altercation.

The evidence? In one shot, Luke is seen on the ground, saying: “This is not going to go the way you think.”

Seconds later, we see Rey – in a separate shot – emerging from water, with Luke appearing to hover over her.

As she rises, it’s been argued that she looks somewhat confrontational, with Luke poised for her reaction to whatever happened in the moments prior.

That, Mike Zeroh alleges, could lead into Luke being on the ground – Rey having put him there.

“There’s something about Rey’s posture here that screams to me that she is angry at the Jedi master himself,” he said.

“There is another shot – when Luke is on the ground – I believe that shot is connected to this shot; that Rey is so shocked at Luke for some shocking revelation that she shoves Luke on the ground, and that’s when he delivers the line.”

He added: “I believe that both Rey and Luke get into a little argument. Rey doesn’t want to believe what he’s telling her.

“Things pick up from there, and she leaves Ahch-To.”

Of course, this is only speculation – and we have a few more weeks to wait before any answers are finally revealed.



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