STAR WARS: Listen To Luke’s First Words In The Last Jedi

Having been absent for almost the entirety of The Force Awakens, the film ended with Rey landing on Ahch-To and approaching a surprised Luke Skywalker – ready to return his old lightsaber.Fans will know this was Luke’s only scene in Star Wars Episode VII, one in which he had no lines. Now Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh has spotted some of the Jedi Master’s lines in The Last Jedi, thanks to a new Force Link Luke Skywalker toy.The action figure has a number of phrases, that Luke says in the new movie, including a line that could very well be his first words to Rey.

Check them out below, alongside the theorist’s comments that feature in his new YouTube video. You can also listen to the lines there too.

“May the Force be with you” – “Pretty much essential in Star Wars as a whole.”

“Trust your instincts” – “That’s most likely during Rey’s training, as we saw in the teaser trailer, when she’s lifting up those pebbles off of the ground.”

“Come I’ll show you the true meaning of the Force” – “We do know that this film is going to explore new mysterious of the Force that will be unlocked, so I believe that could very well connect to that plot element in The Last Jedi.”

“Leave this place” – “Who was he talking to? Is it Kylo Ren? Is it Rey? We will never know until the film arrives.”

“Stay back!” – “That sounds to me like these could very well be Luke Skywalker’s first words.”

Zeroh added: “Now we have heard that Luke Skywalker’s words are going to be very surprising to the fans.

“It will catch everyone off guard and it’s going to be something very unexpected.

“Maybe [Rey] starts to go up to him and he says, ‘Stay back!’

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