Exclusive: ‘SHAZAM’ Looking to Cast The Marvel Family

We know DC’s Shazam is set to begin production early next year (we’ve been told they hope for a February start date) and as such, they’ve begun the search for the cast of the film. We broke the news to you that the studio was interested in John Cena and Joshua Sasse for the role of Shazam along with a character description for Billy Batson. We now have some interesting information about 4 additional members of the cast that all have ties to Batson.

Over the weekend, Omega Underground dug up an audition video for the film and reckoned that the role “Frank” was actually that of Freddy Freeman. We can confirm that the studio is looking to cast not only Freddy Freeman but 3 other children as well. The studio is currently looking for young children to play the roles of “Daniel”, “Carlos” and “Suzy”; we believe those actors will be filling the role of Eugene Choi, Pedro Pena and Darla Dudley, friends of Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman who were first introduced to the comics during the Flashpoint event! Take a look at the character breakdowns below:

[DANIEL]11, Korean. Daniel is a smart kid, into video games and reading non-fiction. SUPPORTING

[CARLOS]15, Hispanic, overweight, with asthma. Carlos is very shy and sweet. SUPPORTING

[SUZY]8-10, African American. A sweet, bubbly girl with glasses and pigtails. SUPPORTING

When originally introduced in Flashpoint, these children along with Billy, his twin sister Mary Batson and Freddy met the wizard Shazam and were each granted one of the six superpowers associated with Shazam. Billy was granted the courage of Achilles, Mary the stamina of Atlas, Freddy the power of Zeus, Eugene the wisdom of Solomon, Pedro the strength of Hercules and Darla the speed of Mercury. Following Flashpoint, Eugene, Pedro and Darla’s lives were drastically altered and they became normal children who shared foster parents with Billy, Mary, and Freddy.

A look at the character breakdown for “FRANK” leads us to believe that we may be getting the post-Flashpoint version of the kids:

[FRANK]11-13, Caucasian. A kid at the group home with “Billy”, who becomes his friend and confident. Sarcastic and funny. SUPPORTING

Fans of DC comics will know that Freddy has had a few iterations over the years, one of which was “Captain Marvel Jr.” While the description doesn’t help us out there, we can imagine that being a close friend of Billy’s might involve him getting some special treatment from his buddy’s alter ego.

With short time remaining before the beginning of production, we’ll be sure to hear some news on the casting front soon enough. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for breaking news on all things DC!




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