REVIEW: The Flash – Rebirth

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The Flash: Rebirth – 3/5

Season 4 of The Flash may or may not be based off of the 6 issues series The Flash: Rebirth. As we have learned in the past, a title does not a season make. We thought Flashpoint was going to be a season narrative driver and they gave us one measly episode.

Overall, I wanted this show to come back with more of a bang and not a poof.


Why is Barry back already?! I wanted him gone a little longer. We have zero consequences to this and everyone is hunky dory like nothing happened. I’m gonna need the Speed Force to have an opinion on this very, very soon. You don’t just remove Barry from the Speed Force and nothing happens!

At the start of the episode, The Flash Teams seems to be doing great. Barry has been gone for some time now, Iris is running the behind the scenes, Caitlin is a Bartender (okay…), and Cisco and Kid Flash seem to be kicking ass and taking names until now.

Say hello to Samuroid.

Samuroid is asking for The Flash and if they do not meet his demands he will destroy the city. You know, Super Villain blah blah blah. Cisco and his perfectly cwoft hair has been working on how to get Barry out of the Speed Force and where he belongs, because of course he has. But he needs to enlist the help of Bartender Caitlin, who says yes way too easily.

Wally being Wally, decides he can impersonate The Flash and go after Samuroid himself, because he wouldn’t be Wally if he didn’t do something stupid, only to have Samuroid spare his life, but maim his leg.

The Flash Team definitely has some explaining to do. Caitlin now Caitlin and not Killer Frost, is a bartender, and just decides to come back to the team. Yeah, okay. How did this happen? How is Caitlin get back to Caitlin?? Well, I guess not quite Caitlin, but more like Frosty Hulk.

Not only that, but Barry returns. Turns out Cisco and Caitlins attempt to rip Barry from the Speed Force worked, but Barry isn’t quite Barry. He is suffering from Schitzophrasia (I think that’s what Caitlin called it) where Barry is speaking words, but he means something other than the words he’s actually saying. In any Superhero/Princess story how do you save the person in distress? By a kiss, or in this case, the love of your life uses herself as bait. Barry is back and faster than ever and Central City is going to need him.

At the end of the episode we got our first glimpse of The Mechanic and The Thinker! Turns out, Samuroid is an Android working for him. So now we have the Fastest Mind vs the Fastest Man. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.



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