Nightwing Is Back And He Is Angry In Nightwing: The New Order #3

Dick Grayson is taken into the Crusaders’ headquarters and separated from his son after the aftermath of issue #2 in Nightwing: The New Order #3.

At the end of the previous issue Dick was found to be harboring his son, Jake, who is a meta.  The Crusaders break into his house and ask Dick to surrender Jake to them.  In all the chaos Alfred is shot.  Dick was in a state of shock and let them take Jake and himself.

At the station Brady who lead the raid on the Grayson home and shot Alfred is talking to his boss.  However, Brady’s boss happens to be an old friend and ally of Dick, Kate Kane aka Batwoman.  Kane left crime fighting, but eventually began working at the Pentagon.  She is in charge of the Crusaders on the government end.

Brady was advised by Kane to not interact with Dick other than getting him coffee and making sure he is comfortable as she is coming to talk to Dick herself.  However, Brady begins to antagonize him and this is all the distraction Dick needs to pick his handcuffs and beat up Brady.  Dick easily escapes and is now on the run and looking for his son.

I have really enjoyed this series so far and this is no exception.  Seeing Dick fall back on his training and become Nightwing again is really cool.  It is always interesting in elseworld stories seeing how things change and where people are.  Batwoman has become militant and distanced herself from other crime-fighters.  

Dick goes and sees an old friend who I can only assume is Tim Drake based on his first name and the issue cover.  Drake is just an average dad raising a family.  I don’t know why but in every future Batman story I’ve ever read Drake always turns into just some dad.  However, Dick Grayson is always some badass dude.  No one gives Drake any love, but maybe this story will be different.

We even make a trip to the Batcave or what is left of it in the issue.  However, the Batcave has been turned into a museum.

I love seeing where this story goes and who will make an appearance.  Every hero who makes an appearance makes me excited. We get a couple of heroes and maybe some villains in this issue.  Batwoman and probably Tim Drake show up in the issue, but three other people show up towards the end and I got super excited.

Each issue has me excited for the next.  Each issue goes by pretty fast, but there is enough meat in the issues to satisfy me.  This series is only going to be six issues.  However, I think this series could go on much longer than that.  It has a similar story potential which the Injustice series has and that has been going on for a long while.  However, this series would star Nightwing and everyone loves Nightwing.

I can not praise how cool this comic is and suggest reading this enough.  It is a badass comic about Nightwing being badass.  What else could anyone ask for?







Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by:  Trevor McCarthy and Dean White

Cover by:  Trevor McCarthy

Release: 10/25/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: DC Comics


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