Joker With A Twist In Batman: White Knight #1

Find out what happens if Joker becomes cured of his sickness and goes after Gotham’s real villain, Batman, in Batman: White Knight #1.

The comic starts with Jack Napier aka Joker without makeup and perfecting calm walking into a prison.  He goes into a cell to see Batman chained up and then asks Batman for help.  However, the comic then goes one year into the past and explains how Joker and Batman got to this place.

Batman goes after the Joker after a typical Joker crime spree, but this time Batman is extra vicious.  The chase ends in a warehouse full of unidentified pills.  Nightwing and Batgirl try to stop Batman but are unable to.  Joker talks about how Batman is the cause of all of Gotham’s problems.  

This is too much for Batman to bear and starts beating Joker to a bloody pulp and force feeds him those pills.  The whole encounter was secretly recorded with the GCPD just watching Batman beat Joker bloody.  

This causes a public outrage and the public sees it as police brutality.  The Batgate scandal is all anyone is talking about.

However, while this is going on Joker is recovering and is starting to come to his senses.  Whatever those pills were they cured Joker and Joker is looking to sue the city.

We learn that someone very close to Batman is very sick and Batman is not in his right mind.

I loved the concept of this comic.  It is always nice to see a character from a different point-of-view.  This comic paints Batman as a person who needs Gotham to be “sick” and he needs to constantly be fighting as a form of therapy.  

It was also really cool to see Joker as a good guy.  The doctors did an IQ test on Joker and found he is a genius.  I am excited to see the good side of Joker.

I can’t wait for the next issue to come out.  This is a comic I will recommend to my friends and random people on the street because it is that good.

When Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth team up on art it makes me a very happy boy.  Hollingsworth uses a lot of muted colors and it is easy on my eyes.  Murphy puts in a bunch of detail in his art, but it is never too detailed where it distracts.

I highly recommend everyone read this comic and especially Batman fans.  This is a very interesting comic with fantastic art and writing.







Written by: Sean Murphy

Art by:  Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by:  Lee Loughridge, Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 10/04/2017

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics


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