Sony’s GHOSTBUSTERS Animated Movie To Be The POV Of The Ghost

Back in 2016, Sony Animation tabbed director Fletcher Moules as the man to help expand their Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe. Moules was tasked with recapturing some of the spirits of the late-80’s/early-90’s animated series dubbed The Real Ghostbusters, a show that followed the adventures of the original team but also took the green ghost Slimer to his pinnacle of fame. The movie has remained in development for well over a year and while there has been no official word on the timeline for it to be released, we did get some news about what to expect from the film and we think it’s interesting enough to share.

The hook for the audience in Moules’ film is that instead of following the Ghostbusters on their adventures, it is set to be told from the point of view of a ghost! While we can’t confirm more than that, we’re assuming that it’s a ghost being pursued by the Ghostbusters, maybe even a retelling of a story by one of the ghosts from either of the films. The opportunities to have us rethink how some of the technology used by the Ghostbusters would be perceived by the ghosts are numerous and pretty cool to think about. What’s it like being hit by a proton beam? What’s it like inside one of those traps? All in all, this seems like an idea worth exploring and one that would be pretty tough to pull off in live action, so this sounds like something we can get behind!

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