EXCLUSIVE: Could One of these Actors Star in DETECTIVE PIKACHU?

One of the biggest mysteries in pop culture is how Hollywood has never gotten around to making a Pokémon movie. The franchise has been around since 1996, after all, and has maintained a consistent level of popularity across its entire twenty-one-year history, including numerous anime series and animated features.

Last year, Legendary pictures finally secured the rights to produce a live-action Pokémon film, but when they announced what that movie was going to be, it took many of us by surprise. Instead of a more straightforward adaptation of the video games and anime, where characters catch and train Pokémon to compete in battles, Legendary announced they were going to make a movie based on the spinoff video game Great Detective Pikachu, in which a talking Pikachu solves crimes.

Detective Pikachu

A Detective Pikachu movie may not have been what anyone was anticipating, but that’s what we’re getting, directed by Goosebumps helmer Rob Letterman. The question, then, is what is that movie going to look like? More importantly, who are they going to get to provide the voice for the movie’s talking Pocket Monster? Well let the rumor mill commence, because we’ve come into some information about some of the actors Legendary has been considering, and they’re probably not names that immediately jump to mind.

To be clear, as far as we know Legendary hasn’t had any actual meetings or discussions with any of these actors about the role, which would be a motion capture performance. These are simply names that we can confirm have been talked about by the creative team of the film as potential candidates of interest.

Who are our potential Pikachus? The names that have been bandied about are Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Wahlberg, with Dwayne Johnson also who the studio is reportedly interested in the role.

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachus, Legendary chooses…one of you?

Were any of these gentlemen to ultimately land the part, it would be…interesting, to say the least. Based off of these names, I’ve gotta say I approve of the approach Letterman and everyone at Legendary seems to be looking at for Detective Pikachu. While these four actors all have very different screen personas, the one thing they have in common is that none of them immediately bring to mind a character with the ultra-cute physical appearance of Pikachu. The potential for comedic contrast between Pikachu’s cute appearance and the gruff voice and persona of someone like Mark Wahlberg is pretty exciting to consider.

Again, no contracts have been signed that we know of, and we can’t even confirm that any of these actors have had so much as an informal conversation about the role. It’s entirely possible that none of these guys will end up playing Pikachu, but knowing that these are the type of actors being talked about for the role provides an interesting insight into a project about which we still don’t have any real concrete details.

What do you think? Would you be interested in any of these actors playing Detective Pikachu, or do you have a better suggestion? Let us know in the comments.

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