EXCLUSIVE: GAMBIT Movie Character Breakdowns For Thieves Guild, Assassin Guild, And Other Possible X-Men Characters

[BORIS] Male, mid-20s-30s, Hispanic. Tough, menacing, with a dangerous, craggy character face. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.  

From the description of the role, the production is seemingly searching for the next Edward James Olmos. If we are following the comic’s origin story, Boris could actually be the Pig, a mutant slave trader who comes into conflict with Gambit as a kid. It would seem that the Pig could also have direct connection to Mr. Sinister as well, judging by his line of work.


[JOE] Male, any ethnicity, 30-50 years old. We are looking for actors 5’6” and under. He’s a gun for hire. He is the black sheep of his family. Not from good breeding but from a working class family. Short. Puck-like, with an interesting character face.REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.

Could this actually be the infamous Puck from Alpha Flight? It’s unclear how interconnected the spin-off will be and if it will be opening the door to the Canadian superteam, however the description is very “inside baseball” and presumes that the casting director has in-depth comic knowledge. However, there are literally hundreds of characters that could fit that description.


[CARISSA]Female, mixed race, 10-12 years old. Ethereal and other worldly. Very expressive. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

The role of Carissa seems sneakily similar to Candra, a mutant whose powers of telekinesis can actually awaken the mutant gene in individuals. If this is indeed that character, Candra has an important function in helping to realize certain characters’ potential in the storyline from the comics. However, it seems that they are casting young for the role, so this is far from a lock.

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