Daniel Craig Possibly Being Eyed To Play Mr. Sinister In The GAMBIT Movie

Last week our friends over at Splash Report shared a detailed plot synopsis for the X-Men spin-off, Gambit by 20th Century Fox. In the synopsis, Splash Report reveals that the villain of the film is Nathaniel Essex, A.K.A. Mr. Sinister, and now it looks like we know which actor the studio may have their eye on.

According to Splash Reports follow-up, it looks like there are conversations about bringing Channing Tatum’s Logan Lucky co-star, Daniel Craig to play Mr. Sinister in Gambit and possibly¬†reprising the role in future X-Men films.

Splash Report has had some solid scoops in the past so this news is definitely worth keeping an eye on. We think Craig would make a great Mr. Sinister, so let’s hope we get some movement on official casting soon. What do you guys think about James Bond playing Mr.¬†Sinister? Leave a message in the comments below.




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