Comic Rewind: Night Mary

A girl has a very unique ability to enter other people’s dreams  in Night Mary.

Mary Specter has been taught by her father how to have lucid dreams or being able to know she’s asleep and control her dreams.  She is able to enter other people’s dreams and help them work out their problems.

The pair has had very good results in the past, but Mary pushed a patient too hard and the patient murdered people.  Mary is haunted by this and questions her decisions that day.  Recently every patient’s dream she enters has become very twisted and they end up murdering people.

She thinks it is her which is causing them to become murderers.  Whenever Mary enters a dream even her own she sees a sinister figure who keeps telling her “dreamer, wake unto me.”  Mary wants to know what is causing her patients to become murderers and what does this phrase mean?

Night Mary was written by Rick Remender with art by Kieron Dwyer.  IDW Publishing published in 2012.

I was in the Halloween spirit so I wanted to read a horror book.  This one sounded pretty interesting, but I was let down.

The art was really rough on me.  The art style is constantly changing as Mary switches between people’s dreams.  I like that it switches, but the art style it switches to is much better than the regular art style.  

Through most of the comic the only colors are blue with an occasional red.  The art is done with what looks like a colored pencil.  It was distracting and it was so much so that throughout the comic I kept thinking about how much I hated the art.

This comic’s plot was not much better.  I had no idea what was going on for most of the comic.  At the end it was explained but it was very rushed and crammed in.  

The ending made no sense and was left open ended.  Mary acts in a very strange way after the conclusion, but not in a creepy way.  She doesn’t act like a person in her situation would act.  I am just glad it happened right at the end so it wouldn’t distract me while reading.

I wanted a scary comic and I got one.  However, it was scary in all the wrong ways.  The plot was not really scary and the visuals were not scary at all.  Hopefully this was an early solo comic for Remender.  If it is I can forgive his mistakes, but if it is not then this is really bad and should be buried forever.

A great recent horror comic is Outcast by Robert Kirkman.  It explores demons and possession with an everyday guy in an anti-hero role.  


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