Comic Rewind: Black Science Vol. 1

A group of scientists are stuck jumping from alternate universe to alternate universe trying to get back home in Black Science Vol. 1.

Grant McKay was in charge of creating something called the Pillar.  It is a device which allows people to enter another dimension.  The Pillar was created as part of a theory which states anything imaginable is a reality in some universe.  A cure for cancer, materials or advance technology are just waiting to be found.  McKay was showing his children the Pillar along with some other scientists, but then the device went off.

McKay along with I think eight other people were teleported to an unknown alternate universe.  The group is forced to jump to the next world everyday.  This causes everyone to quickly scramble to collect supplies, get some rest and most of all prepare for the next possibly dangerous world.

However, there is also one last thing they must do while between jumps.  They must find who is sabotaging the Pillar.  Someone sabotaged it to go off while McKay was leading the tour and smashed it while on a world.  

The group must work on repairing it enough to make the jump.  They don’t seem to know what will happen if they miss a jump.  There’s a timer on the Pillar and when it hits zero everyone in a 15 foot radius or so jumps.  They can go back to the previous world to pick someone up if they missed the jump, but not two or more worlds back or so it appears.

Black Science Vol. 1 was written Rick Remender with art by Matteo Scalera and Dean White.  Image Comics published the volume in 2014.

For me this comic was a mess.  It throws you in right in the middle of the action and moves really quickly.  Characters are quickly thrown at the reader as well.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I could understand what was going on.

The stuff with the Pillar I was able to figure out pretty easily because their are two shows which are almost the same story.  Both shows were some of my favorite shows growing up so I immediately recognized and understood the plot.  The first being Quantum Leap and the second being Sliders.  I would say the plot is closer to Sliders and I would love to write about the show, but just Google the plot of Sliders.

Way too many characters were thrown at me way too fast.  I had a very hard time remembering who was who.  A backstory was never explained why people did what they did.  A great deal of the text in the volume is an interior monologue.  This lead me to be confused who was saying this monologue.  I associated this military background and how the males in his family always die in war to the wrong character.  

Character designs of the women were awful.  There are five women and four of them look exactly the same.  However, just to make things more confusing McKay is married to one, having an affair another and his daughter is the last .  Luckily one dies right away, his wife is on the normal Earth and his daughter is a little shorter than the other women.  Flashbacks are very confusing as I don’t know if McKay is talking to his wife or his mistress.

I found the story very boring.  Their isn’t really much of a story between jumps. It is a lot of scrambling and fighting monkey-people or fish-people who don’t speak english.

However, we do get a mysterious stranger who adds some excitement to the story.  I was really excited to see some depth to the story, but his identity is immediately revealed and then he leaves.

When combining dark sci fi, betrayal and two of my favorite shows into a comic it should be easy to make me at least mostly enjoy it.  However, Black Science Vol. 1 was able to make me dislike the story congratulations I guess.


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