Amelia To The Rescue In Elsewhere #3

Amelia Earhart finds out who else was teleported into this mysterious land in Elsewhere #3.

As we last left Earhart and the others a vicious swarm of vanthi started to eat and kill everyone.  Cort tells Earhart and DB Cooper the insects showed up recently.  People look to not be the only things pulled through the bright lights.

While looking for cover they find a submarine, but it was not just any ordinary sub it was a Nazi sub.  On the ship, Earhart asks the elder Meyrick about him mentioning other humans they had encountered.  He said they know of three other humans who were pulled through.  However, they were bad people and really aggressive.  When asked what happened to them he just mentions they died but not how.

I enjoyed this comic.  It is really cool to find these little easter eggs and wonder how they factor into the story.  The Nazi sub, for example, could be how those three bad humans came over.  It is also interesting how time works there.

Earhart and Cooper have only been there a few days, but the sub is all rusted to hell.  It came in between both of them arriving as Earhart disappeared in the ‘30s and Cooper in the ‘70s, but looks like it has been there for years.

This comic has ample opportunity to reveal a lot of answers and those ever so sweet easter eggs.  The reader is stuck right in the middle of a strange world, but it is not confusing.  However, I am left with a healthy amount of questions.

Unfortunately, these issues read very fast and so we are left with a lot of questions and not a ton of plot development.  However, we are given just enough to have us craving the next issue.

The characters of Earhart and Cooper are done very well.  Earhart is a happy, kind and adventurous person.  I don’t know a lot about Earhart, but what I do know sounds like her character in this is not far off.

Of course, we know even less about Cooper.  However, Cooper seems like a sly and very calm-headed individual.  To pull off the crime he did one would have to be, so his character seems true to life as well.  Cooper is also recording how to get somewhere, but is it his money or is it something more sinister?

The art is very bright and colorful.  All the art is done in a very soft and cartoony style which I love.  This style lends itself to a fun and fast-paced adventure which this comic definitely is.

I really enjoyed this comic, but it goes by really quick.  It would be really nice if they put a little more meat into the comics, but I am still happy with the issue.  This is great for a pre-teen child.  It has great art, interesting story and a little history thrown in.







Written by: Jay Faerber

Art by:  Sumeyye Kesgin and Ron Riley

Cover by: Sumeyye Kesgin and Ron Riley

Release: 10/04/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: Image Comics


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