If you’re a Power Rangers fan or collector then the Legacy line was made for you. Not only are they doing props from the show like the Mighty Morphin’ Communicators, but also weapons like the Dragon Dagger and the Power Sword. Bandai is also committed to giving fans every single Ranger in their Legacy action figure line. Earlier this week Tokunation reported that Bandai would be decreasing the number of female figures they’d be putting out, but ComicBook.com reached out to Bandai and this was their response.

“Bandai America is and has been fully committed to bringing ALL RANGERS to fans with our action figure lines. From the very first episode of Mighty Morphin, female Rangers have been equal and important members of Power Ranger teams and our product line will continue to reflect that. As with most brands, we continue to evaluate what characters and figures resonate with audiences and adjust the line based on fan demand and overall business objectives. Fans can rest assured that all Female Rangers will continue to be produced and included in Bandai America‚Äôs Action Figure and Legacy Figure lines.”

Bandai looks like they are making true on their word. We knew the Zeo Rangers and Dino Thunder teams would be coming as we got a look at both of those lines at New York Comic-Con, but many have been wondering what line we’d be getting after that. The Psycho Rangers a set to hit shelves in Fall of 2018, but now we know we might be getting the Ninja Steel team right in time for the Ninja Super Steel series debut. Here is a tweet from @PowerRangerTalk showing the concept of the Ninja Steel action figures.

But that’s not all. Many have also been wondering when we’d be able to complete our Power Rangers In Space team of Legacy figures and now we know the Silver Ranger, Zhane (played by Justin Nimmo)

We still have to wait for an official announcement by Bandai, but we’re happy to be getting more figures in the Legacy line. Which team would you like to see? Leave a message in the comments below. Also, if you’re a fan of Power Rangers check out our Power Rangers Ninja Steel LIVE After Show: The Ranger Wrap-Up!

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