Power Rangers Ninja Steel may have had a rocky start, but with the last batch of recent episodes, this season feels like it’s turning the corner. It feels like now we’re getting more character development and inching towards deeper storylines.

In episode 17, we focus on the relationship between Hayley (Zoe Robins) and Calvin (Nico Greetham). One thing I loved right off the bat about this season, is that this was our first Power Rangers couple to be in an established relationship before becoming Rangers. It gave us a sense of real high school students, or at least as real as they can get for Power Rangers. A highlight in this episode came in the form of conflict between the warring couple. It was refreshing that the two weren’t put under a spell but had a genuine conflict over Calvin being to laid back and somewhat unreliable, and then developed a small rivalry while running for student body president. It’s a wonderful change of pace to have the Rangers in a conflict. It makes the Rangers feel more relatable.

Nostalgia factor kicks in, as we get to see an old school food fight taking me back to the day of Pidgy Pig. I’m not looking for a lot of callbacks to yesteryear, but scenes like this remind of why I fell in love with the franchise, to begin with. Let’s also give credit to the writers of this episode, Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, and Alwyn Dale for giving a monster with a unique ability that confused the Rangers and didn’t feel like an average monster of the week. The Phonepanzee may have looked extremely goofy, but the idea of recording the Rangers voices and using it against them was fun and just expanded the conflict amongst the team.

Mick (Kelson Henderson) is finally, really coming into his own in the mentor role. His recent episodes have made me care for his character and his acting in the role of Mick has been top notch. When we started the season with the character he was an eccentric alien shapeshifter and now he’s someone that can teach the Rangers valuable lessons that aren’t done in a heavy-handed way.

One really big drawback to this episode, this season really, is the lack of unmorphed fight scenes. I mean, why hire actors with martial arts or gymnastics training if you’re not going to utilize them? All in all, this episode continues to give the Rangers more depth and build on their characters. Hopefully, this will continue and lead us to a finale that will stand out from more recent seasons. Only time will tell. For a more in-depth review of the episode check out the video above. What did you guys think about Power Rangers: Ninja Steel Monkey Business? Leave a message in the comments below.



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