Seven To Eternity #9 Is Back To The Osidis And Garlis Show

Adam Osidis and the Mud King, Garlis, are making their way to an island where Osidis can possibly be cured in Seven To Eternity #9.

Last we left Osidis and Garlis the unthinkable was done. Osidis had heard Garlis’offer and the offer was to cure him so Osidis could live with his family.  Osidis has had a consuming disease and is constantly coughing up blood.

The reason this offer is such a big deal is because whenever someone accepts Garlis’ offer then in exchange he can see through their eyes, hear through their ears and hear their thoughts.  We learn this is Garlis’ mosak power.  He first used the power on his mentor and learned his mentor hated him.

As the pair approach their destination they are ambushed by The White Lady as she has had premonitions of an Osidis taking over the world.

We haven’t heard from the pair in a little while, so I’m glad this issue focuses on them.  Seeing Garlis as a child was interesting, but I can’t tell if he was evil yet.  It may have happened later.

Garlis keeps saying how he isn’t a bad guy and once you get to know him you will start to like him.  However, the crazy part is even though he is a tyrant who controls all of Zhal he has shown some good qualities.  He has saved Osidis’ life on multiple occasions and has had opportunities to escape or otherwise hinder Osidis.  However, he has chosen to not exploit those opportunities.

It is interesting to see this villain who isn’t really acting like a villain, but is not pure good either.  He has shown kindness to Osidis and it is weirding me out and Osidis as well.  However, I don’t believe Garlis’ scheme.

One thing which I dislike in this comic is this issue doesn’t really push the plot forward.  In the last few issues the group has split up and is diverting from their mission.  I want to see this epic journey, but with the team separated it takes away from the story.  The different sides are not all that compelling.  Hopefully in the following issues the team can get back together or the side-stories will get much more compelling.

Art in this comic continues to be amazing.  Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth provide a beautiful landscape and colors for an epic fantasy comic.  No matter how underwhelmed I may be with the story at times the art will always be great.

I liked this issue, but it did not really scratch the epic fantasy itch I wanted it to.  It is hard to be mad at this comic,  I am just disappointed in the story of the issue.






Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by:   Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 9/06/2017

Issue: 9

Publisher: Image Comics

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