For Those With A Taste For Horror Check Out Pizza Tree

For Those With A Taste For Horror Check Out Pizza Tree

Pizza Tree is co-written by Mark Poulton and his son Chase, who is the brainchild behind the whole thing and is illustrated by Ryan Onorato.

After Friday night pizza, Chase plants a pepperoni in his backyard, which grows into a mysterious and large pizza tree, but the Poultons will discover that free pizza comes at a price!

The comic, Pizza Tree was released in August, just in time for Halloween. I had so much fun reading it, that I wish I had a son of my own to read it with. As Mark puts it in an interview with Bleeding Cool, “I’ve worked for big companies and with legends of the industry, but there’s nothing I’m more proud of than working on Pizza Tree with my son, Chase.”

Ryan Onorato delivers with great stylized art. He uses mostly monochromatics, only dipping into yellow for occasional highlights. Ryan also letters the book, creating spooky typography that will send a chill down anyone’s back.

Mark and his son, Chase spin a wonderful tale, that proves too much of a good thing can be horrific.

Story: Pizza Tree

Writer: Chase and Mark Poulton

Art: Ryan Onotaro

Letters: Ryan Onotaro

Release: 08/07/17

Publisher: Arcana

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