New Details on the Upcoming THE AVENGERS Video Game

The Avengers Project

When The Avengers Project was announced at the beginning of the year, not a lot of details were provided except for a short teaser and description. Marvel and Square Enix announced a multi-year/multi-game partnership but other than that it was all crickets. The few details we knew were that it would be designed by Crystal Dynamics who are behind the Tomb Raider video games and that it would feature a completely original story. But now we can more details on what to expect from this upcoming game.

Online 3rd Person Cover Based Game

Thanks to NeoGAF user Nirolak, originally spotted by IGN, we now know (based off of some job postings) to expect an online 3rd person cover based action adventure video game. In case you’re not familiar with 3rd person cover based games, they provide an above perspective of the character with the ability to take cover behind stationary and moving obstacles. Examples include: Uncharted, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and Metal Gear Solid. And when you throw the online detail in there, sounds like an upcoming MMO. Many gamers are already comparing it to games like Destiny and The Division. But in my opinion, I have a feeling that it will be a hybrid game and only parts of the gameplay will be cover based.

More Details Coming 2018

We still have quite a while before we hear anything about a release date or platform but so far the game is anticipated to come out in 2018.


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