Why We Need Jamie Lee Curtis for the HALLOWEEN REBOOT

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Ladies and Gentlemen you heard it from horror royalty herself. Jamie is back for one last scare for David Gordon Green’s 2018 reboot of Halloween. When you have the original star and the creator co-signing a sequel to this series then we as an audience should have faith in its execution. You might be thinking [spoiler alert], ‘Hey didn’t Michael kill Laurie in that film with Busta Rhymes?’, and I would be like ‘yeah, but this is taking place after the second one and is disregarding Halloween 4 through Resurrection’, and you would be like ‘ahhhhhhhhh’. Class dismissed.

But these are the reasons why this is genius:

Jamie is one of the OG Scream Queens along with her “Psycho” mother, Janet Leigh. You damn well better ask her if she wants to be apart of the film series she helped to elevate.

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She has starred in over ten plus horror films so this is definitely in her comfort zone. There will be no phoning it in!

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If Danny McBride’s name on this didn’t get your butt into that theater seat then Jamie’s name should. Blumhouse + Danny McBride (the biggest wtf) + JLC = #boxofficedraw

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She hasn’t starred in a bad ‘Halloween’ film yet….and no, Halloween Resurrection doesn’t count. Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20, any naysayers?

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And lastly….we may yet again get to see an epic take down of Michael Myers from Laurie, and who better deserves that honor.

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Kudos to the team at Universal and Blumhouse for getting Curtis on board. I watched Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens mostly for JLC, and found the actress’ comedic chops as endearing as her dramatic chops so I cannot wait to see what Danny McBride’s version of Laurie Strode is. Will she be more like Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in T2, or more like the Laurie Strode in Halloween H20? Only time will tell, but unfortunately for us we still have another year to wait.

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