Major POWER RANGERS Ninja Steel Finale Spoilers

Here, in the United States, we won’t be getting the Power Rangers Ninja Steel finale until December, we do have some s major spoilers for the season’s finale thanks to Gulli, a French TV website. If you don’t want to be SPOILED on the season please DO NOT CONTINUE READING.

According to Gulli, we will be seeing two new Power Rangers debut in the finale and both portraying Red Rangers alongside Brody (played by William Shewfelt). One will be Dane, the long lost father for Brody played by Mike Edwards. Edwards is no stranger to the Power Rangers universe as he also portrayed Thor in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. The other Red Ranger will be the Rangers mentor, Mick, who is played by Kelson Henderson. Henderson is also a long-time Power Rangers alumni, playing  Boom in Power Rangers SPD and voiced numerous character throughout different seasons.

Some of the stock footage for the episode will be taken from the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, which also saw 3 generations for Red’s team up for the episode. Fans can read Gulli’s summary of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel finale below.

In the finale, Galvanax will use a powerful magnet designed by Victor and Monty to steal the Ninja Power Stars and give him final control over the entire universe. But as Galvanax’s evil plan inches towards success, Brody opts to destroy his own Ninja Power Star rather than let it fall into the hands of evil.

In a strange twist of events that are likely to make more sense when the episode airs, the Ninja Nexus Prism arrives on the scene and three Red Rangers emerge from within – Brody, his father Dane, and his mentor Mick.

The three Red Rangers are able to defeat Galvanax, with a little help from Madame Odius who betrays her evil master, and the world is saved…for now.

Many fans expected Brody’s father to return at some point in the series and even on our very own Power Rangers Ninja Steel After Show, ‘The Ranger Wrap Up’, Joe and Darrel speculated that Dane would be one of the Red Rangers eventually this season. The episode still has no title and we’re not sure if Mick and Dane will only be Rangers for this episode or going forward for into Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel, but our guess is that it’s only going to be a one-time thing.

Another big plot point for the show is Galavanax possibly being killed off the show for good as we move into the 25th season of the series.  What do you guys think of Mick and Dane becoming Red Rangers? Leave a message in the comments below.





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  1. It would be interesting if they killed off Galvanax for good, but they might incorporate more of the Japanese footage to stage an ultimate comeback for Galvanax, seeing as his counterpart doesn’t actually show up in the flesh until the last few episodes of Ninninger. If he’s dead for good, they may make his counterpart’s 2nd son Mangetsu the new boss, with the wife and the strategist as the new generals. If they bring back some of the older Power Rangers like the rumors report, I wonder who the special teamup villan will be?

    I just can’t get over the fact that Galvanax finally manages to steal the Ninja Power Stars because of a magnet…made by Victor and Monty. The irony is so thick, I might choke. All I can say is, wow. That’s crazy.