Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’s hit comic Kingsman: The Secret Service released the first issue of its sequel, Kingsman: The Red Diamond Wednesday, September 6. The duo has not returned for the sequel, but writer Rob Williams and artist Simon Fraser do an excellent job in continuing Eggsy’s story.

Kingsman: The Red Diamond starts off like a James Bond film, with the secret agent wooing a pretty girl only to be given a mission via some random object turned into a video communicator. We get to see Eggsy take advantage of the Kingsman’s James Bond like gadgets on his mission. The mission is a success, but Eggsy, unlike a Kingsman, shows his less than gentlemanly side when given lip from the hostage he just saved. Eggsy’s actions land him in hot water and he is given a leave of absence.

The main theme of this issue, and probably the following issues is summed up by Giles he tells Eggsy he is, “An orphan of two worlds…At home in neither.” Eggsy struggles to be the gentlemen the Kingsman have a reputation for being, because of his upbringing. He also fails to be fit in his old life, because of his recent wealthy apparel and finer taste.

It’s an interesting story. Most origin stories show a character learning how to become the hero the story needs him to be, but in this sequel, we see maintaining a new heroic persona isn’t as easy. Eggsy fails to find his place at home and with the Kingsman. I think the following stories will deal with Eggsy finding a balance and where he belongs.

Story: The Kingsman: The Red Diamond

Writer: Rob Willaims

Art: Simon Fraser


Release: 9/6/17

Issue: 1 of 6

Publisher: Image Comics

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