Jordan Vogt-Roberts Updates The Status Of His METAL GEAR SOLID Film

Kong Skull: Island Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts is fresh off of his Destiny 2 Live-action trailer and is preparing for the very ambitious project, Metal Gear Solid.  Before he takes his shot at the majorly successful video game franchise the director is taking a break. In his down time, he made this amazingly jaw-dropping teaser trailer for Destiny 2.  While talking about that project with Eurogamer, Jordan revealed that the gears are starting to turn on Metal Gear Solid.

“We’re about to hire a new writer on Metal Gear. It’s probably the most complicated property on the planet. The reasons people love that franchise are – well, you need to run towards those reasons as opposed to away from them. The most beautiful thing for me, the past few months, is that Kong’s been a success, critically and commercially, and that gave me an incredible amount of freedom to go to Sony and our producers and say we live in a world that’s post-Deadpool and post-Logan. With the success of Kong, that obviously breeds a bit more trust so I can say let’s make the Kojima version of this, the version that commits to the weird and strange and isn’t necessarily what you think a big blockbuster franchise could be.”

“Committing to the ideologies, the philosophies, the weirdness and the Japanese elements and the fourth-wall breaking and all these great things, that’s what Metal Gear is, and that’s why the franchise has endured so let’s embrace that as opposed to being afraid of it. We’re working to get a script that the studio says ‘yes, we want to make this’, and it’s something that all the fans can say ‘f**k yeah that’s my Metal Gear’. It’s a tricky thing, there’s a long road ahead but that’s the approach with it.”

Sony has definitely has found the right person for the job. One thing that stands out is that he wants to make the Kojima-version of the film especially since Kojima isn’t on the best of terms with Konami. From the statement, it seems that Konami has very little involvement with the film as the film rights are currently with Columbia Pictures and Sony.


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