EXCLUSIVE: Jeph Loeb Says There Isn’t Going to be a MS. MARVEL TV Show…Or Will There?

One of Marvel’s most popular characters in recent years is Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel. First introduced in 2013, Kamala is a bright spot in an industry still sorely lacking in diversity, and fans are eager to see the character make the transition to live action media. What people who are only casually aware of the character may not know is that Kamala is actually an Inhuman, her polymorphic powers obtained through the process of Terrigenesis.

The IMAX premiere of the upcoming Inhumans TV show was, therefore, the perfect opportunity to ask Marvel TV head, Jeph Loeb, if there are any plans to bring Ms. Marvel to TV, either on Inhumans or on her own show. Making use of a rock solid segue, or own Kelly Bohart asked Loeb about Ms. Marvel’s TV prospects:

Kelly: You have a relatively new character, Auran [Sonya Balmores], who’s been popular, and we have another character who’s been popular, Ms. Marvel. How can we expect any production on her involved in the show?

Jeph Loeb: At the moment there’s no plans for that to happen. That doesn’t mean it [won’t] happen. Auron has just been a terrific addition to the show, and we’re incredibly happy with everything about her, particularly the actress who plays her.

If you looked up the definition of “non-denial denial” in the dictionary, that’s the quote you would see. There are no current plans to bring Ms. Marvel to TV…at least, no plans that Loeb is willing to talk about publicly at this point. It would be pretty silly to think that Marvel isn’t working on some way to bring Kamala to life on screen; like I said before, she’s one of Marvel’s most popular characters at the moment, and the MCU is in just as much need of greater diversity as the comics. While DC is beating Marvel to the punch of introducing a female Muslim superhero to their live action ranks with Isis [Tala Ashe] on Legends of Tomorrow, there’s still plenty of room on the airwaves for Kamala to carve out her own place in the hearts of TV watchers all over the world.

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