THE INHUMANS’ Isabelle Cornish Talks About Crystal And Lockjaw’s Bond


When ABC’s The Inhumans premieres, audiences can look forward to seeing one of comics’ coolest dogs brought to life: Lockjaw, the giant teleporting pug. Lockjaw’s closest companion is Crystal, sister of Medusa and Inhuman Avatar, master of all four elements. She’s played in the show by Isabel Cornish, who our own Kelly Bohart had the chance to talk to at the Inhumans IMAX red carpet premiere, where they spoke about what it was like to work with the nonexistent Lockjaw.

Kelly: Your character relates pretty closely with Lockjaw, you guys have this bond. What can we see of that in the show?

Isabel Cornish: It’s great for Crystal to have Lockjaw, and I think girls will appreciate that, and relate to that, because an animal is a person’s best friend. So we have a great relationship. Because of the size of him, it’s totally different, you know, having a real best friend. I think fans will really relate to the relationship that we have.

Kelly: And what was it like to work with something that was mostly animated?

Isabel Cornish: He’s completely CGI, so I had no Lockjaw on the day. Sometimes I had a stand-in stuffy, but yeah so for me it was all about building the relationship and then getting used to working with him not being there, and just knowing where to look, when to look, and how I wanted to respond to him. And then to trust, too, that when he’s in there it’s all gonna be great.

Kelly: What was your experience like working with Marvel on this scale?

Isabel Cornish: It was awesome, I had such a great experience. Hawaii’s beautiful; it was so nice to shoot a show in Hawaii. We have amazing sets, and IMAX—to have IMAX on board was really cool, so we didi lots of crane shots, which everyone will get to see tonight, and I’m just excited for people to get to see this story come to life.

Kelly: If you could give this show one hashtag to describe it, what would it be?

Isabel Cornish: #Awesome!

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