Game Review: Crashday: Redline Edition

Crashday: Redline Edition is a multiplayer racer made by Moonbyte and 2tainment GmbH where you go head to head with other players to compete in races, wrecking matches, stunt shows and mini games such as Hold the Flag and Pass the Bomb. What’s cool about the Redline Edition is that it now includes Steam Workshop support to add even more fun with over 500 mods. Another cool feature the game adds is that it even let’s you build your own tracks will full customization.

First, let me start off with the cons. Upon starting the game I experienced a few bugs and kinks as the game crashed initially but I believe that with developer support this is something that might be fixed in a future update. The multiplayer was fun but upon playing with a friend I noticed that there were only 3 other people online and they were in a private game. So it would be nice to have the option to add a few CPU’s to our multiplayer games and add a little more chaos and challenge. I also wish to see some more weapon or ability pick-up options during the multiplayer games so that we have something more to compete over, such as bombs you can place on the track or heat seeking missles that guarantee a hit. But it’s very possible these are things that might pop up in the Steam Workshop mods.

Now for my pros. This game has a ton of variety in the multiplayer options and I really enjoyed that. With a friend I tried out the wrecking match, hold the flag, pass the bomb and stunt show and it wasn’t all about who is the best driver. I was able to take the lead in the stunt show because I made some bigger and more extreme crash landings (mostly on accident). I also enjoyed the selection of cars and customization, which wasn’t something I was expecting to see a ton of, and I believe the options increase the more you play the campaign mode and purchase upgrades. The Graphics were nicely done too, both the tracks and the cars looked very realistic.

Overall I enjoyed this most as a multiplayer game and would like to try it with an even larger group. It is still a fairly new game that released in August and has a very positive review on steam. You can pick it up today for $11.99 on Steam.

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