Ferris is Fine, Save Dark Matter!

Earlier this week I wrote about the campaign to save Dark Matter and the campaign efforts continue tonight (9/15/17) with two events. The first is a Reddit AMA with Joe Mallozzi, Two – Melissa O’Neil, Three – Anthony Lemke, Four – Alex Mallari Jr., Five – Jodelle Ferland, The Android – Zoie Palmer, and potentially more, this will take place at 7 PM EDT on the Dark Matter Reddit. The next event is the tweetstorm. as of this writing, the Hashtag has yet to be announced, but follow Dark Matter FTL on Twitter for additional information, the tweetstorm will begin at 9 PM EDT.

A petition has also been started on Change.org, it has almost 40k signatures already, once it hits it’s 50k goal, it will be sent on to media outlets that might be interested in picking up the show for a 4th season.

If you’d like to see the show continue on, I urge you to participate in as many of these events as you can, the more support that’s shown, the more likely another channel or service will be to consider picking up the show.


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