Father And Son Kick Some Bear Butt In Shirtless Bear-Fighter #4

After narrowly escaping from Brother Bear and his goons Shirtless Bear-Fighter discovers many of the forest’s trees were cut down in Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #4.

At the end of the previous issue we learned Agent Burke switched sides and is working for toilet paper magnate, Jaxon Logger, and Brother Bear.  After an intense battle with Brother Bear our hero Bear-Fighter narrowly escaped.  However, Agent Silva was not so lucky and was sent to prison with other bears loyal to Bear-Fighter.

While there Silva meets Bear-Fighter’s mom, Mama Bear and they formulate a plan to escape.

Meanwhile as Bear-Fighter looks on at the devastation of the forest caused by his absence a new ally appears.  Bear-Fighter’s father, Papa Bear, appears and says they need to talk.  Papa Bear apologizes for casting him out of the clan, but now they will take the land back together.

Bear-Fighter is still angry with his father and tries to hit him.  However, Papa Bear easily dodges it.  Is Papa Bear that good of a fighter or was Bear-Fighter holding back.  Either way Papa Bear must of taught Bear-Fighter how to fighter and made him the formidable warrior he is today.

However, before they can settle it they see the loggers are going for another run of cutting down trees.  They jump down and take on an army of loggers and renegade bears.

As Papa Bear and Bear-Fighter are fighting the loggers we see Silva and Mama Bear are making their escape.  The two sides eventually attack the loggers from front and back and may just turns things around for Bear-Fighter and his allies.

I had been hoping the humor would ramp up a bit in this issue as it had been less humorous last few issues.  It luckily did and had a lot of good humor in the issue.

A great example is how Mama and Papa Bear are designed.  Papa Bear has a fishing hat with fish hooks attached to it as a stereotypical father may wear.  Mama Bear was wearing glasses and a pearl necklace.  I found both parents seemed to evoke more of a grandparent vibe but the joke still works.

Three of the loggers were discussing how they wished they hadn’t quit their jobs as comic book editors, but maybe they could write a book about a guy who fights b… but are cut off.

Another group of loggers see the bears driving big trucks as they enter the battle.

“Bears driving monster trucks!” one says and the other replies “just like the old fortune teller said!”

I really enjoyed this issue but I wish it packed in more story.  It seems to either focus more on humor or story and the issues don’t have a great deal of both.  The story just ramps up and then stops and ramps up and stops.  The start and stop is making me anxious.

If you liked previous issues you will like this.  This is a good fun humor comic and is worth at least checking out.







Written by: Sebastian Girner and Jody LeHeup

Art by:  Mike Spicer and Nil Vendrell

Cover by:  Daniel Warren Johnson, Paolo Rivera and Andrew Robinson

Release: 9/20/2017

Issue: 4

Publisher: Image Comics



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