The DCEU Is Moving Beyond Interconnectivity

In an article on Vulture, it has been revealed that DC and Warner Bros are moving their Cinematic Universe in a new direction. We’ve all heard the rumors about a Joker origin film that would not feature Jared Leto in the title role (rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio is up for the role have yet to be confirmed). We now know that this film is in fact in the works and that it will fall under a new branch of WB/DC studios that has yet to be named. This new branch will be responsible for producing DC films that do not exist within the current DCEU and feature different actors. Simultaneously, the current DCEU will produce films that are connected, but not necessarily as deeply interconnected as the Marvel films or even the current DCEU films are.

So what does this mean? Well, it means a few things. It seems to me they’re leaning more towards how continuity works in the comics, while certain titles are connected, others aren’t. For example, All Star Superman and Kingdom Come are both extremely popular titles, but neither of them are canon, they both exist outside of the regular DC Universe, this is also true of the DC animated films, while several of them are loosely connected, there’s no direct connection linking any of these movies together, some of them aren’t connected at all, and many of them have different voice actors.

Will this work for the mainstream movie-going public though? That’s the question that really matters. Will your average movie-goer be able to handle the fact that while Henry Cavill is Superman in one film and Jon Hamm is Superman in a live action Kingdom Come film? I don’t know. I think it might get confusing if there’s not a clear moniker to delineate which films are connected and which aren’t, but as a reader of comics, fan of the animated movies, various TV shows (both live action and animated), I think there’s definitely room for a DC “multiverse” IF it’s properly handled.


What do you guys think? Are you ready for a DC Multiverse on film?

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