Comic Rewind: Chew Vol. 1

Tony Chu is a cop in Philadelphia, but has a very unique ability which helps him with his job.  Find out what it is and how it helps in Chew Vol. 1.

Chu is a cibopathic or someone who can get extra information based on what they eat.  If Chu eats an orange he can tell what tree it grew on and the pesticides used on it.  Also if Chu eats beef he can see the cow’s final moments.  However, if he eats human flesh or blood gets in his mouth he can see into that human’s life.

Chu and his partner, John Colby, are vice cops and are on a stakeout.  After a bird flu crisis killed 23 million people all poultry foods were outlawed.  However, a blackmarket has been created for the sale of poultry.

While on the stakeout they see a notorious criminal, D-Bear, and they are pretty jazzed to take him down.  However, at the last moment a F.D.A. agent tells them to stand down because D-Bear is an informant.

F.D.A Agent Mason Savoy tells them to go into the chicken speakeasy and enjoy some chicken for their trouble.  They go in and when Chu tries his chicken soup he gets a nasty surprise.  While preparing the food the chef cut himself and some blood got in the soup.  Chu sees the chef is a serial killer and Chu and Colby go after the chef.

The chef would rather die than go back to prison so he kills himself.  However, Chu needs to learn more about his victims so he begins to eat the chef.

After the incident Chu is in some hot water, but Agent Savoy comes in and hires him to work for the F.D.A and be Savoy’s new partner.  Chu will now be in charge of solving cases using his ability.

Chew Vol. 1 was written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory.  Image Comics published the volume in 2009.

The premise for this comic is unbelievably unique.  I must give the comic major credit for this crazy premise.

However, the volume did not really reach its full potential.  I wanted to see more interesting things happen and be drawn in.  The story didn’t really draw me in at all.  I was never shocked or wondering what could happen next.  It was a lot of “ok now what” from me throughout the volume.

Art in this volume was excellent.  Guillory’s outlandish and cartoony style was perfect for such a weird and humorous comic.  If this comic was done in a realistic fashion it would been very out of place.

Their was a lot of humor in the volume, but it is not a funny comic.  The humor is done more for a light tone rather than having jokes.

I wanted to love this volume so bad, but it failed to grab me and hold me tight.


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