The Origin of Miles Morales 616 in Spider-Men II #3

Bendis and Pichelli’s 2012 Spider-Men ended in a cliffhanger, with Peter searching for his earth’s Miles Morales and a big shock on his face. The first two issues of Spider-Men II teased 616 Morales, but it isn’t until issue 3 that we finally find out who he is.

Neither Spider-Man is present in this story, but their absence isn’t felt as the issue delivers a fantastic mob story. Readers discover that Miles and Wilson Fisk met in prison and even though Fisk becomes the Kingpin after and is much more powerful than Miles, you can’t help but feel Miles is the one you should be afraid of.

Issue 3 tells us how Miles got his scar as well. The scar becomes a central concept of the story as both Wilson and Miles describe it as a symbol of their friendship.

In one panel, right before the title credits, readers see Miles pass something to Fisk, which I believe to come into play later in the series. Probably next issue, since this is issue 3/5.

Sara Pichelli kills it. She always kills it. And colorist Justin Ponsor is just as good. Spider-Men II has a phenomenal team at the helm. Issue 3 involves a lot of talking and the action is realistic, but Pichelli and set a scene and Ponsor can bring it to life.

It looks like the two Miles will finally meet in issue 4 and I’m excited to see their interaction. They’re so different. I don’t think we’ll have a, “so that’s what I could have been moment,” but we’re sure to get some drama and a lot of action!

Story: Spider-Men II

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Cover Art: Sara Pichelli and Jason Keith

Art: Sara Pichelli

Inker Assistant: Elisabeth D’Amico

Colors: Justin Ponsor

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

Editor: Nick Lowe

Release: 09/20/17

Issue: 3/5

Publisher: Marvel Comics


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