Three Women Cause Trouble In Redlands #1

In Redlands, Florida, 1977, the police have barricaded themselves inside their station, but why? Find out the answer why in Redlands #1.

Three women lit a tree on fire outside the station.  However, the police don’t deal with the women they hide instead.  They are debating what to do.  A man who appeals to be the chief and his son have an argument about whether they should worry about the prisoners or abandon them.

A lost and scared little girl appears outside the station.  As a officer brings the girl in a black mist quickly cuts off an officer’s head.

At this point we realize we are dealing with something unnatural, but what exactly and how did this little girl survive out there?

I liked the tone this comic set right from the first page.  It was tense right from the start.  A whole station of police officers and they are terrified of three women?  Even if there wasn’t any supernatural element I still think this comic would have been awesome if it was just these three bad-ass women.

However, at the end of the issue we meet the three women, Alice, Ro and Bridget.  I think they are witches  The comic doesn’t say what they are, but it does say why they are in Redlands.

They chose the town because it was a bad town and needed to be reborn through sacrifice.  We don’t know what kind of sacrifice or how much sacrifice is needed.  We also don’t know if they are sisters or if they are even related.

Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s art in this issue was perfect for the tone of the book.  The scratchy drawing added to the panic and the unknown of what is happen in the story.  All the colors are a brown or a tan tone.  It really lends itself to how gritty and dirty the comic is.  It could also symbolize the cops being dirty.

We never see if the women’s accusations are correct.  It could be a total lie and they are victimizing them for no reason.

I don’t know where this story could go from here.  The three women totally outpower the men.  This should be interesting to read and see where the story goes.  I want to see who the heck these women are.  The police hint at trying to snap their necks or kill the women earlier.

If you read Wytches and were as disappointed in it as I was, but like the tone or concept of the book then this may be your comic.  This is a great start to a new series and I hope it lives up to the expectations I have for it.








Written by: Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey

Art by:  Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey

Cover by:  Vanesa R. Del Rey

Release: 8/09/2017

Issue: 1

Publisher: Image Comics

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