Things We Need Answered In The GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale

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8. Who will die in the season finale?

Someone has to, right? The showrunners have been getting a lot of flack lately for not killing off any major characters this season. We’re talking about anyone going for the Iron Throne or who have been with us since season 1. They are running into The Walking Dead syndrome here which is a show that is notoriously known for not killing off fan favorites such as Michonne, Darryl, Carol, Rick, and Glenn. I believe it could be any of the following;


Cersei: She is the only one trying to hold on to the Iron Throne at this point, and may not be able to see Jon’s reasoning for joining forces to defeat The Night King. Prophecy aside only her death by The Night King himself, or someone from the Army of the Dead could motivate Jamie to join his forces with Jon and Dany’s. And if Bran is The Night King then the prophecy can still hold as he is currently the youngest living Stark male. I mean how bad ass would it be if Cersei came back as a Wight.


Jamie: Cersei is only growing more and more unstable by the day. She already warned Jamie not to betray her again, but we know that at the end of the day Jamie will do what is right. He risked treason for killing The Mad King and walked around with the scarlet letter ‘K’ since then. It would be a true finale shocker if Cersei was the one to end Jamie. She’ll already have a piece of him in their child.


Tyrion: What would be a good reason for Jamie to turn his back on Cersei? Despite Jamie’s threat that he would kill Tyrion for murdering their father I chalked that up to being empty words during grief, because cue last week’s meeting. Tragic I know. Fan favorite. Yes. But this show is ending next season so I am okay with ANYONE dying if it furthered the story in a significant way.


Brienne: This could be another motivator for Jamie if someone he cared about were to die by Cersei’s hand. We know how possessive Cersei can be so if she catches Brienne giving Jamie the lovey dovey eyes then she could face death by Mountain.

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