Things We Need Answered In The GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale

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4. Is Cersei really pregnant, and does that really matter?

There are two theories floating around with this, either that Cersei is lying to keep her hooks on a wavering Jamie, or she really is pregnant, but will be killed during childbirth. The latter theory is a reference to another interpretation of the prophecy Cersei received as a child. It was told to her that she would be killed by “a little brother”. For many years people thought this to be Tyrion and oh how satisfying would that be considering how terrible she is to him, but once Cersei became curious about Wildfire all theories turned to Jamie being the one to kill “The Mad Queen Cersei”. Yes, Jamie is Cersei’s twin, but it has been said that she was born first which makes Jamie younger than her if only by a few minutes. But what if the “little brother” is the youngest of all of Cersei and Jamie’s children? I just don’t think that we will see this pregnancy play out much longer, because Cersei’s days have to be numbered.

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