Things We Need Answered In The GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale

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3. What is Bran’s purpose?

Besides the fact that he is pretty much the reason that the whole Game of Thrones kicked off, and that he is on a journey to fully embrace his role as The Three Eyed Raven he hasn’t been shown to have any real impact to the plot lines. The character is arguably the weakest character next to Rickon Stark. He supposedly knows Jon Snow’s true parentage, but has not disclosed this to anyone. So, the question remains, what is his purpose? Are the fan theories correct in that he’s the Night King? Because that would be the only payoff to these scenes with Bran in the past seven years. His and Sam’s are the only ones I fast forward through on re-watches, or roll my eyes at during live viewings. I just hope that this payoff with the newly crowned Three Eyed Raven is worth it.

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