Things We Need Answered In The GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Finale

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2. Speaking of characters that were dropped early on….What happened to Greyworm and the Unsullied?

In episode 3 The Queen’s Justice, Tyrion’s miscalculated plan continues to play out with the Unsullied forces led by Greyworm descending upon Casterly Rock. They looked like they had the upper hand until Greyworm became suspicious about the number of Lannister soldiers they encountered, and then we see from his POV that Euron’s fleet had arrived destroying what is left of the Unsullied’s ships, effectively stranding them at Casterly Rock. Thank goodness he consummated his relationship with Melisande before he departed, because things don’t look very good for the Unsullied. But again, my question is since Daenerys and friends knew that they had been played by the Lannisters why haven’t they addressed Greyworm’s absence. From Episode 3 to Episode 7 we figure that months have passed, yes? At the very least Melisande should be asking more questions about her missing beau. The weight that they put on Daenerys’ shoulders to carry the main plots of season 7 is where it gets shaky. Yara and Greyworm’s absence is not even noted, because of all the other stuff going on at Dragonstone.

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